Internal Assessment examinations – worth half of the fees

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Internal Assessment Exam is around the corner.

What’s more!! It is worth half of ₹15,000 you have paid for the German Language Certificate Course at SGTB Khalsa College.

It is the examination season for those pursuing Part Time courses in Delhi University, and it is no different for us. Though it comes a bit earlier for us since we haven’t undergone any Internal Assessment yet.

The internal Assessment for German Language Certificate at Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College would be as follows:

Paper 1 - March 23, 2013
Paper 2 - March 25, 2013
Paper 3 - March 28/30, 2013

Date of Paper 3 is not finalised yet due to certain factors in play.

Don’t forget these dates if you want to pass the Certificate Course! Internal Assessment is a huge part of the final score, and Internal Assessment would be based on marks scored on the above dates!

Be There!

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