German Diploma timings for Daulat Ram 2013-2014

Timings for German diploma classes at Daulat Ram College for classes from 2013 – 2014 were officially 4pm to 6pm Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. Down the line they sort of didn’t happen on Saturdays, but the timings used to be the same. More down the line, timing was from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. But it generally started later than… Continue Reading →

German Diploma Result 2013-2014


More good news…

… after declaration of result for Certificate course in German. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College will now be offering Diploma in German too! More information should be out by tomorrow at college. Hope to make a batch of same students again ­čśë

The result is out!

Finally the wait is over. The finale that we waited for is here. The result for Certificate course in German at Delhi University is out. Result of German Certificate course at North Campus of Delhi University Congratulations & Celebrations!!!

Four Minutes – German movie at MMB

Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, is having a movie festival of sorts. They show movies in German with English subtitles and then there’s going to be discussions about it. Way to improve your German skills. On Friday, 19.04.2013 we will show the fifth movie on young people in Germany and discuss about it. The… Continue Reading →

German Certificate exam datesheet (SGTBKC)

Following are the date, timings and center of your German Certificate exam (2012-13) Paper I- 10.04.2013┬á ( 5.00 p.m) Center- SGTB Khalsa Paper II – 12.04.2013 (2.00. p.m – 5.00 p.m) Center – SGTB Khalsa Paper III (oral) – 15.04.2013 (9.30 a.m) Center –┬á SGTB Khalsa

Class Notes 77

verschwinden = to disappear pl├Âtzlich = suddenly gewi├č = certainly die Rechnung = bill erkundigen = to inquire sich bewerben = to apply anmelden = to register

Class Notes 76

erleben = to experience selbst erleben =experience it myself sparen = to save money/time empfahlen = to advise ├Ąhnlich wie = similar to Rezeptionistin ~ Empf├Ąngerin = receptionist zeigt den Weg = point the way bestellen = to order viel genossen = enjoyed a lot auf die Pr├╝fung vorbereitet Ich habe versucht, die Blatte von… Continue Reading →

Class Notes 75

fettiges Haar = oily hair verwenden = to use Pflanzen = natural Bushaltestelle = bus stand verstecken = to hide Glaskuppel = glass dome Blick = glance Regierungsviertel = government district

Class Notes 74

Wiederholung 100% Akkusativ Pr├Ąposition bis, ohne, f├╝r, um, durch, gegen, entlang 100% Dativ Pr├Ąposition von, zu, seit, nach, mit, bei, aus, gegen├╝ber, ab Wechsel Pr├Ąposition auf, hinter, ├╝ber, unter, vor, zwischen, neben, an

Class Notes 73

anfangen = to begin Anfang = begin Ausweis = ID card spannend = exciting Kofferraum = car trunk starken = strong Verhandlung = bargaining S├Ąugetier = mammal F├╝hrerschein = driving licence Gift = poison Tablette gegen = pills for something die Kindheit = childhood kommend = coming Schmeckt die gr├╝ner Salat? Ich danke dir f├╝r… Continue Reading →